outstanding service

Crocker Middle School

Crocker Middle School has a long-standing tradition of community service.  As students progress through each grade, they are required to donate more of their time to the community each year.  Seventh-grade students have a 15-hour annual commitment.  The school has found that the requirement motivates the children to engage with their community in new ways and students often donate more of their time than required.

We were thrilled to learn that Scott was awarded the top honor for outstanding community service for his class.  He donated ten times more hours than the seventh-grade requirement.  When we asked him what led to the accomplishment, he simply said, “It was fun, so I kept doing it”.

The Award for Outstanding Service to the Community for dedicating the most hours to community service in the seventh grade class is presented this 10th day of June, 2011 to

Scott Brasesco

150 Hours


– Audrey Fairchild, Community Service Advisor

– Catherine Mikes, Principal, Crocker Middle School

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