Valentine’s Day, 2012.  Nothing says “I love you, but you’re fat” like receiving an exercise mat for Valentine’s Day.  The exercise mat in question is, however, no ordinary mat.  It’s the Manduka BlackMatPRO 85-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat .


Now to be fair, I have been secretly lusting over this mat.  The mat idealized on such exercise programs as P90X and receiving a noteworthy four and one half stars on  Notice the lovely textured surface and non-slip bottom.

At 85″, it’s longer than most mats you will find and you can see how thick it is.

Well, all joking aside, the Manduka lives up to it’s praise.  It offers great cushion and support and I know I will get a lot of use out of this mat.  As for the gift I gave my wife…I opted to go the more traditional and safe route.  Roses, See’s Candies, and a little something from Victoria’s Secret.  However, if you are sold on the mat, you can pick one up below:



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